For the past 20 years, meditation has served as a constant companion, mirror, and teacher for Hector Marcel. Meditation led him to a career as a change consultant, where he helps executives drive transformational change in organizations through an emphasis on culture, people, and service. He currently serves as the president of Three Jewels, a yoga and meditation studio in New York City. Three Jewels is a non-profit that provides services to the city and internationally by giving free meditation and yoga classes to those in need. Hector’s training includes a Certificate in Organizational Change Management from the Australian Graduate School of Management, an Executive MBA from the University of Sydney, Senior Teacher and board member of the Asian Classics Institute, and 23 years of study of Tibetan Buddhism in the Gleluk Lineage. FROM JOURNEYMEDITATION.COM

In episode 12, Hans and Molly interview Hector Marcel — a true mix of east and west. Hector describes coming from a poor family in Argentina and turning into a successful businessman in Australia — by age 25. Not only that, Hector is also a scholar of Tibetan Buddhism and has a gift for speaking to western business through the lens of eastern philosophy (which has turned into his career). In this episode, you’ll learn how to collectively gain and build trust in an organization, strategies for reframing hardship, the value in helping your competitor be successful, and how to turn danger into opportunity.

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Edgar Schein

Three Jewels in New York City

Journey Meditation

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