Rony Abovitz is a technology pioneer who founded Magic Leap, a spatial computing company that transcends both virtual reality and agumented reality by enabling users to see digital content in their own physical world. Rony explains the science of spatial computing, and Molly and Hans share their experience using Magic Leap’s newest technological endeavor, Tonandi. According to Rony, “Technology helps us tap into what our brain can already do.” He explores the concept of “inner space” and explains how both meditation and Magic Leap technology can stimulate the brain’s capacity for creativity and innovation.

In Episode 1, Molly and Hans talk with Rony Abovitz — a technology pioneer who founded Magic Leap. Rony founded Magic Leap in 2011 but was dreaming about such things for most of his life. Prior to Magic Leap, he was the co-founder and head of development and technology for MAKO Surgical, the world leader in human-interactive robotics for orthopedic surgery. Abovitz was named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum for his work on computer-assisted technologies for minimally invasive surgery. He holds a BS in mechanical engineering and an MS in biomedical engineering from the University of Miami. FROM UMCOE.MIAMI.EDU

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Hero’s Journey

We talk about the Hero’s Journey during this episode. If you’re unfamiliar with the Hero’s Journey, check out this post to learn more. 


Mom Rule

On Rony’s team at Magic Leap, when they were in development mode, they made a rule that if anyone on the team wouldn’t use the product on their mom (or another important loved one) then they wouldn’t move forward with the project. Only after going through many iterations and getting unanimous support from the team (all of them would use the product on their moms) did they launch the product. 


For us in our daily lives, try using, “If my mom or dad were here, would I still move forward? How would I act?”

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