Sarah Drew is an author, scholar of ancient cultures, and leader for the worldwide women’s movement. In this episode, Sarah gives insight into her creative process and what went into the crafting of her book, Gaia Codex (one of Molly’s absolute favorites). She also digs into the concept of archetypes, and shares her unique knowledge on feminine wisdom, the duality of life, consciousness, and our interconnectedness. Sarah also discusses the role nature plays in her creative process, and speaks to the power of reconnecting with nature.

In Episode 2, Molly and Hans talk with Sarah Drew —  the visionary author of GAIA CODEX: A Novel and Ancient Wisdom Text Revealed. Sarah has cultivated multi-faceted expertise in media creation and groundbreaking narrative. She has been a featured speaker at organizations such as Google and at the graduate level and is currently a popular guest teacher and mentor for women worldwide on topics such as Cultivating Feminine Wisdom, Creating Regenerative Culture, and Awakening our Illuminated Creativity. She has a passionate and exponentially growing social media community of 100,000-plus members. A lifelong explorer of culture and consciousness, Sarah has traveled around the world from the jungles of the Amazon to the high peaks of Bhutan where she had the honor of studying and living with key lineage teachers. At U.C. Berkeley, Sarah studied Religious Studies. Sarah currently serves on the advisory boards: SHE TV, a new media platform for women and Mission BE an initiative that brings contemplative practices into urban schools. Sarah lives with her life partner in Manhattan and on a lush forested farm in the Hudson Valley.

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